Corporate Dispute Management

Corporate dispute management has a broad meaning. It is not limited to the resolution of legal disputes by lawyers but also combines certain mediation techniques with other methods of conflict resolution and negotiation.

A conflict cannot only arise between contractual partners but also within companies or alliances.


In particular, we advise on the following:

Mediation is a specifically structured out-of-court conflict resolution procedure which is conducted by an independent (neutral) third party – the mediator(s). The mediator supports the parties to the dispute to find a resolution of their existing conflict themselves which can to some extent be legally binding and can also provide for rules for their future cooperation. Thus, any successful mediation results in a win-win situation increasing the benefits for the involved parties.

Business mediation can be an effective tool to solve conflicts within companies and also in the case of existing or threatening legal disputes. It can also be used to support alliances and other forms of cooperation.

However, mediation is not limited to commercial conflicts but can also be a useful tool to find a sustainable and permanent solution for disputes relating to the private sphere or overlapping disputes (e.g. succession plans, transfer or separation of assets).

Conflicts and systems can also be analysed in individual sessions and measures be taken in order to find solutions. Such sessions can be part of ongoing mediation proceedings but can also take place if a party to a conflict intends (for the time being) to obtain professional advice to find a solution.

Each conflict can be part of an already existing crisis or can result in such. We provide support to prevent such situations and also assist with the de-escalation process.

We provide comprehensive advice in connection with negotiations and conflicts. Mediation and other methods of conflict solution are part of our well established contract negotiation and litigation expertise.